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  • $1.75

    Kup Keeper

    Fabric cup holder.

  • $3.55


    Lanyards with either TEAM or Mentor College logo in various colors.

  • $1.77

    Large Buttons

    Large buttons for the front of blazer (2 for men’s blazers; 3 for women’s).

  • $99.05

    Law Textbook

    Grade 12 law textbook. Come to the store for some great deals on used books. Lots of used Law books as of August 25.

  • $6.19

    Mentor Intermediate Musical: Joseph 2007

    Featuring Jason Jia as Joseph and Teodora Mechetiuc and Kaitlin O’Brien as Narrators. The rest of the star-studded cast includes Jordan Bangia, Russell Sweeney, Luke Molnar, Holly Gordon, Graeme Hoare, Sam Hughes, JJ Romano-Lopez, Cole Bangia, Jay Rangam, Robyn Starkey, Tyler McGrath, Austin McCarley, Jane McClure, Sahil Marchandani, Connor Lowman and many more!

  • $3.54


    Easily molds to your mouth, required for rugby, recommended for floor hockey, and basketball.

  • $0.44


  • $6.19

    Navy Knee Socks (Adult)

  • $6.67

    Navy Knee Socks (Youth)

  • $22.12

    Nylon Tights (Adult, 2 pairs)

  • $19.05

    Nylon Tights (Youth, 2 pairs)

  • $4.45

    Oven Mitts

    Oven mitts in blackwatch fabric.

  • $0.08


    Black ink pen with Mentor/Team crest.

  • $1.75

    Pencil Case

    Cloth pencil case in blackwatch.

  • $16.19$21.90

    Philosophy – What Money Can’t Buy

    Grade 12 Philosophy novel. Choose hardcover or paperback.

  • $100.00

    Philosophy Textbook

    Grade 12 Philosophy Textbook. Come to the store for some great deals on used books. Several Philosophy books as of August 25.

  • $11.43

    Philosophy- Logic Notes

    Required for Grade 12 Philosophy. Novel and Textbook are also required. Come to the store for some great deals on used books. Just a few Logic Notes books as of August 25.

  • $102.86

    Physics Textbook

    Grade 12 Physics Textbook. Come to the store for some great deals on used books. Several used Physics books as of August 25.

  • $26.55

    Polo Shirt

    White polo shirt with Mentor/TEAM logo. *cannot be worn as part of the uniform- for promotional wear only*

  • $14.29

    Pyjama Pants

  • $3.55

    School Pin

    A metal lapel pin with the Mentor/Team crest.

  • $1.77

    Small Buttons

    Buttons for blazer sleeves (6 per blazer).

  • $8.85

    Soccer Chair

  • $1.75

    Squeeze Balls

    Foam stress ball with Mentor/TEAM logo.

  • $25.71$26.55


    Child size tie is recommended for students under 5 feet; Adult size for those over 5 feet and Adult XL for those over 6 feet.

  • $2.65

    Tissue Holder

    Fabric tissue holder in blackwatch.

  • $4.45

    Tote Bag

    Cloth tote bag with Mentor/TEAM logo.

  • $22.12


  • Used Dress Uniform

    Blazers, kilts, tunics, ties, dress pants, sweaters, vests, and dress shirts can be made available from the Mentor/TEAM Parents' Association inventory of gently-used items at a fraction of the cost of a new item. Please contact us for an appointment if you are interested in any used dress uniform items.

  • $7.10

    Water Bottle

    Steel water bottle with Mentor/TEAM logo.