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  • Used Dress Uniform

    Blazers, kilts, tunics, ties, dress pants, sweaters, vests, and dress shirts can be made available from the Mentor/TEAM Parents' Association inventory of gently-used items at a fraction of the cost of a new item. Please contact us for an appointment if you are interested in any used dress uniform items.

  • $0.08


    Black ink pen with Mentor/Team crest.

  • $0.25

    Zipper Pull

    Zipper pull with Mentor/Team crest.

  • $0.44


  • $0.88

    Art Glue Stick

    Mandatory for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade art.

  • $0.88

    Art Eraser

    Mandatory for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade art.

  • $1.33

    Art Pencils

    One of each minimum is mandatory for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade art.

  • $1.75

    Pencil Case

    Cloth pencil case in blackwatch.

  • $1.75

    Kup Keeper

    Fabric cup holder.

  • $1.75

    Squeeze Balls

    Foam stress ball with Mentor/TEAM logo.

  • $1.77

    Large Buttons

    Large buttons for the front of blazer (2 for men’s blazers; 3 for women’s).

  • $1.77

    Kilt Strap

    Sew-on strap for kilts.

  • $2.65

    Tissue Holder

    Fabric tissue holder in blackwatch.

  • $2.65

    Kilt Pin

  • $3.54


    Easily molds to your mouth, required for rugby, recommended for floor hockey, and basketball.

  • $3.55

    School Pin

    A metal lapel pin with the Mentor/Team crest.

  • $3.55


    Lanyards with either TEAM or Mentor College logo in various colors.

  • $4.45

    Tote Bag

    Cloth tote bag with Mentor/TEAM logo.

  • $5.30

    Coffee Mug

    Blue ceramic mug printed with Mentor/TEAM logo.

  • $5.71

    English – Othello

    Grade 12 English Novel (Not taught in ESL grade 12 english classes) Students are also required to buy 1984, The Act of Writing, The Wars, Frankenstein, Brave New World, and Saint Joan (not ESL).

  • $6.19


    Bib in Blackwatch school pattern.

  • $6.19

    Grey Socks (Adult)

  • $6.19

    Navy Knee Socks (Adult)

  • $6.67

    English – Frankenstein

    Grade 12 English Novel. Students are also required to buy 1984, The Act of Writing, The Wars, Brave New World, Othello (Not ESL) and Saint Joan (Not ESL).

  • $6.67

    Grey Socks (Youth)

  • $6.67

    Navy Knee Socks (Youth)

  • $6.96

    Combination Lock

  • $7.10

    Blazer Crest

    Embroidered sew-on crest for blazers. (Team Secondary School crest not pictured- it will read TSS along the top).

  • $7.96

    Dry Cleaning – Blazer

    Simply drop your blazer off at your school office with the name and homeroom of the student (include payment unless you have paid online). When your child returns from the Break, the blazer will be freshly-cleaned and hanging in their homeroom!

  • $8.85

    Soccer Chair