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Ties, Blazer & Kilt Accessories

  • $7.10

    Blazer Crest

    Sew-on crest for blazers.

  • $25.71

    Clip Tie

  • $7.96

    Dry Cleaning – Blazer

    Simply drop your blazer off at your school office with the name and homeroom of the student (include payment unless you have paid online). When your child returns from the Break, the blazer will be freshly-cleaned and hanging in their homeroom!

  • $2.65

    Kilt Pin

  • $13.27$13.33

    Kilt Shorts

  • $1.77

    Kilt Strap

    Sew-on strap for kilts.

  • $1.77

    Large Buttons

    Large buttons for the front of blazer (2 for men’s blazers; 3 for women’s).

  • $1.77

    Small Buttons

    Buttons for blazer sleeves (6 per blazer).

  • $25.71$26.55


    Youth tie is recommended for students under 5 feet; Adult size for those over 5 feet and Adult XL for those over 6 feet.